Best Stock Market Books for Beginners in India

Indian Stock Market is massive and there is no one book that can make you an expert in trading or investing. Markets is all about experience and one can learn through time. With time, some books have became a must read if you are an investor or trader. These books are most commonly recommended for people who wants to start the journey of up and downs of the Indian stock market.

Here is the list of best stock market books for beginners

The author shares 19 short stories in this book. You will explore the interesting ways about what individuals think about money and show you how to make greater sense of one of life’s most crucial topics. Lessons about money, greed, and pleasure that are universal, isn’t always about what people know when it comes to money. It’s all about how you act.

It is difficult to capture the returns provided by the stock market without distinguishing between price and value. This 22 chapter book teaches you to use Intrinsic Valuation and Discounted Cash Flow Valuation to get higher results.

The book is written by a seasoned broker and stock market expert. It simplifies stock investing and gives crucial views for a novice investor entering the market. At the end of the day, Stocks to Riches assists the retail investor in making money by following the book’s time-tested and proven principles. Brokers, experts, and individual investors should all read this.

This books gives general information about how to evaluate a company. Personally speaking this book is good especially for beginners but has very little mention of intrinsic value. But the book explain fundamental analysis in simplest of ways.

The book debunks the notion that you need a big salary to be wealthy, and it discusses the distinction between working for money and letting your money work for you. In many respects, the teachings of Rich Dad Poor Dad, which were ridiculed and questioned two decades ago, are more significant, relevant, and vital today than they were then.

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