What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a browser extension. It contains many tools like keyword finder with ranks, thumbnail maker and variety of many tools that help you to gain subscribers and views


  • Key word Explorer – The ultimate YouTube keyword research tool. Discover what people are searching for, on YouTube, improve your ranking in search results, generate relevant video topic ideas, and ultimately drive more views to your videos.
  • Click Magnet – Discover what content your audience is looking for and which thumbnail styles will get the most clicks.
  • Thumbnail Generator – Use still frames from your video to create professional-looking thumbnails with text and image layers on top.
  • Health Report – Get an overall picture of your channel’s health and performance.
  • A/B Testing for Videos – Determine which Thumbnails, Titles, Tags, and Descriptions generate the most clicks and views for your videos. Test, optimize, and improve.
  • Bulk Processing – Using TubeBuddy’s bulk processing tools, you can quickly update hundreds or even thousands of videos. (Update Cards, End Screens, Thumbnails, Descriptions, and Much More!)
  • COPPA Center – Scan your channel to see which videos YouTube has labelled as “Made for Kids”.
  • Comment Moderation – Respond more quickly by using pre-written Canned Responses.
  • Best Practice Checks – These completely automated Best Practice Checks will ensure that all of your videos adhere to YouTube’s guidelines.
  • Videolytics – Instantly access advanced analytics and insights for any YouTube video. Analyze the performance of your own videos or those of your competitors.
  • SEO studio – Optimize your title and description for SEO to rank higher in the YouTube Algorithm.

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High Quality Graphics and Video Effects for your YouTube


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