YouTube Audio Library

What is YouTube Audio Library?

YouTube Audio Library is music library of YouTube where you get Free and copyright safe music for use in YouTube only.

Free Music

Copyright Safe

Royalty Free

Organized Table

Sound Effects

Monetize Video

Points to remember

♣ Only music and sound effects from the Audio Library are known to YouTube to be copyright-safe.

♣ If any issues that arise from “royalty-free” music and sound effects from YouTube channels or other music libraries YouTube is not responsible for that.

♣ YouTube can’t give legal guidance, including guidance on issues with music that can occur off the platform.

♣ Consult a qualified lawyer (if you want), if you have questions about your use of music.

♣ If you’re in the YouTube Partner Program, you can monetize videos with music and sound effects from the Audio Library

♣ If you’re using a track with a Creative Commons   license, you must credit the artist in your video’s description

♠ Your use of this music library (including the music files in this library) is subject to the YouTube Terms of Service. 

♠ Music from this library is intended solely for use by you in videos and other content that you create.

♦ Don’t make available, distribute or perform the music files from this library separately from videos and other content into which you have incorporated these music files (e.g., standalone distribution of these files is not permitted).

♦ You may not use music files from this library in an illegal manner or in connection with any illegal content.

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